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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

Ranger Shadow Kritols
Botanic Gardens

Mizuiro scratched his chin, and he seemed to drift into thought. He looked over towards Sky, as did Shadow, and they saw a fire in his eyes that most likely meant he was ready for battle. “Okay then, let’s do this. Sky, start off with a Swords Dance, then go into a Bullet Punch, if all goes well, this Chikorita won’t know what hit her.”

The Scizor gave a sharp, quick nod to his trainer before obeying. The red Pokemon closed his eyes, his body slowly starting to sway. He moved one foot. The another. And another, starting up a ritualistic dance to some forgotten beat, the tempo, and steps, getting faster and faster. As Mizuiro and Shadow watched, a red aura slowly engulfed the Scizor, swirling around his body, and soon, the red shadow of swords clashing and dancing around his body formed from the aura.

However, this gave the Chikorita time to prepare, since she had heard Mizuiro's words. While Scizor was preparing with Swords Dance, she was concentrating with her eyes closed. Barely discernible in the failing light, what looked like a rather solid half-sphere bubble had appeared around her body, terminating at the ground. Shadow smirked in admiration of her rather quick use of Reflect. Now, she was ready for the incoming attack.

And so, it seemed, was Sky. He tucked his pincer claw to his chest, before crouching and suddenly darting forward towards his opponent, his claw outstretched towards the Chikorita. Shadow watched the attack go forward, as a white glow encompassed the outstretched claw, and the both of them got closer and closer.

Because Chikorita could not move upon starting her Reflect move, it was practically guaranteed that Bullet Punch would connect. That claw smashed against Reflect, and the mirror-like bubble held off the claw for a few seconds, before finally shattering. The Chikorita could do nothing more as the claw hit her in the head, sending her flying back into the air, back-flipping suddenly. However, the Reflect had done exactly as it was supposed to, and had lessened the power of Scizor's attack, and would for some time now.

As the Chikorita back-flipped, she twirled her leaf on top of her head suddenly. "Chiiiiko!" With a sudden, violent twist, not only did the grass Pokemon right herself in midair so that she would land on her feet, she also sent a volley of razor-edged leaves at her opponent with a Razor Leaf attack. Sky couldn't evade it in time, so all he could do was bring his pincers up to his face to avoid getting his there, and the attacking leaves connected with him, scratching along his metallic frame. He was driven back about a foot by the attack, which had the extra punch Razor Leaf had a chance to give. Still, it was a weaker attack against a Steel- and Bug-Type Pokemon, all-in-all not doing very much damage, but still stinging the Scizor's battling pride, if only ever so little.

As the Chikorita landed on her feet, she stared down her opponent with a much-less serious expression than the Scizor exerted, still looking as calm as she had when she arrived to take a drink. This battle was far from over.


Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon
Chikorita [Female, Overgrow, ???]
[Using Reflect, Razor Leaf]

Your Pokemon
Sky the Scizor [Male, Technician, Serious]
[Attack +2]
[Using Swords Dance, Bullet Punch]


Trainer Stats
-Name: Mizuiro
-Money: $0
-Location: Botanic Gardens
-Area Effects: It's getting dark outside, the sun has long past set, and the light is getting dimmer, but the stars are out in the clear skies tonight.

Pokemon Stats

-Sky the Scizor [Male, Technician, Serious]
No TMs
[Out of Pokeball]

-Flame the Magmortar [Male, Flamebody, Modest]
(TM Psychic)
[In Pokeball]

-4 Pokeballs
-1 Superball
-1 Hyberball


-Encounters Remaining: 14

-Pokemon Seen: Chikorita

-Pokemon Captured: N/A
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