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Default Re: Need a Rescue Team? Applications Here!

Originally Posted by Yoshiboy4ever View Post
PMD: Explorers of Darkness
Gah, I need help. T.T
Made a stupid mistake >.<

I'm in Apple Woods, visiting it when you have to get the Perfect Apples.


=HF=6= &PH0%3 8&SPKT
#-J&3T 7R%8JC K%TXKR
#YN669 R2-79+ P84#0W

Items I'm willing to give in a thank-you mail:

Pecha Scarf
Power Band
Geo Pebble(10)
Clear Gummi
Gold Gummi
Green Gummi
Pink Gummi
Red Gummi
White Gummi
Yellow Gummi
Oran Berry
Pecha Berry
Blast Seed
Reviver Seed
Sleep Seed
X-Eye Seed
Max Elixir
Decoy Orb

I am on this now
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