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Default Re: [War XXX-XX-II+.5] Ultra RPG Section: Week Dos!

[3v3][No items/Held not okay][No Weather/Normal Terrain][Revo][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause][War Battle]

Xalepeno VS Stunky

Yanmega & Gyarados & Kingdra


Aerodactyl & Togekiss & Tyranitar

Aerodactyl scared away Yanemga for Gyarados. Gyarados destroyed Aero's sub while it used Taunt. Aqua Tail Ko'ed it the next turn. Tyranitar came in used T-Bolt, but Gyarados survived by using Substitute. Rain Dance and Rock Polish followed. Gyarados fell and Kingdra came in. Hydro Pump Ko'ed. Kingdra was pared but Togekiss was put to asleep. A full sleep roll sealed Togekiss's fate.

Xalepeno the pepper: $2,000
Stunky: $1,000
Me: $1,500

Salary: $3,000
Coordinator Stat's

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