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Default Re: Reliving the classic?

Originally Posted by Powerman 6k View Post
Well, I don't know if there is already a thread discussing this or not, so I'm going to go ahead and create this thread for the sole purpose of going over Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal for the Game Boy Color.

I just want to know if anyone is playing the game from the beginning, either on their SP or Game Boy Advance (who still has one, seriously? xD) I know I still have my NES special edition GBA SP :o And a DS (RETRO!) of course. I'm playing Crystal, despite the extras added on to it, I'm still psyched for SoulSilver!
I actually own a GBA, but I don't use it for Pokemon games, as it is, "So old it'd probably fall apart if I take out the batteries."

I have been playing Pokemon Crystal via an emulator though. It's pretty fun, though I forgot to get the Fly HM at cianwood, so I need to go back for it. Yaaaay =/
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