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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Q&A and Discussion (Red/Blue/Time/Darkness/Sky)

Originally Posted by Masamune View Post
1.How much more of EoS do I have to go before I fully 'complete' it? As in, be able to evolve starters. I'm currently about to explore Blizzard Island (I think that's it). I'm a Pikachu with a Riolu partner

2.Why won't the Wonder Mail S codes from the official website work with my game? Am I not at a sufficient point in the game yet? I'm currently about to explore Blizzard Island (I think that's it).

3.What do the 'bow' items do, and what do the different colours mean?

4.How can I maximise my recruit chances?

5.Where can I get a Dawn Stone (Gallade )?

Sorry for the HUGE amount of questions, thanks in advance :3
1. (I haven't beaten Sky yet, just Darkness, so this may not be true for Sky) To fully beat the game/evolve your starters, you need to beat the final boss, Darkrai. Then you must recruit Manaphy/unlock Marine Resort.

2. I do not know.

3. The bow raises all of your Pokemon's stats by a bit. The different color represents the color aura that showed up when you completed the personality test. The color doesn't change the bow's effects.

4. Loook under "Rare Hold Items"

5. Dawn Stone - Optional mission, random treasure chests, random Kecleon Shops in Mystic Forest and Joy Tower.


In other news, Jirachi (PMD: Darkness) refuses to join me after I don't know how many times. :/ I'm already at Level 100, so I guess all I can do is just go back to Final Maze and try again.

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