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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

As the Combee flew its own way, Seq turned to spot the look of confusion on Sokka's face. Perhaps he didn't understand how interesting and perceptive bug Pokemon really were. Most Combee flew in a hive formation and those who got lost were usually because they had lost the scent of honey carried by the Vespiquen leader. "Ah well," the scientist sighed, continuing on with his journey.

Ahead was the ever sought after Moonshine Pillar. Large stone pillars shot from the ground and reached towards the night sky. There was an eerie glow surrounding the ancient formation, yet behind the mysterious light, were a large group of Pokemon. Several Delcatty and Roserade were attempting to round up the younger pre-evolutions. Every once in a while, a Delcatty or Roserade would pick up a younger Pokemon and allow it to touch the odd pillars.

"This is the Moonshine Pillar," Sokka began the tourist spiel. "Have you ever read about the Pokemon found in the Park and wondered how they can all evolve if they aren't in an area where their natural methods of evolution are found? Well, this is one of the reasons. During the full moon, the Pillar gains the qualities of both a Moon Stone and a Dawn Stone. Any Skitty or Roselia that touches it will evolve, as well as any other Pokemon that evolves through contact with one of those stones. We have no idea how it works, but we can't mess with the Pillar because if it were to stop working it could throw the entire ecosystem out of whack."

"Highly fascinating!" Seq responded, snooping around one of the corners. He spotted a small Skitty being held by the ruff of its neck as the mother Delcatty nudged it to one of the pillars. However, there was an odd noise behind the scientist, causing him to turn and look at the fallen Sokka. It seems the Ranger had gone and tripped on something.

"Are you oka-" Seq paused, before he spotted the culprit. A large tropical plant was snoozing alongside of a stone pillar. All three heads had a look of peacefulness as they drifted into a deeper slumber.

"Are you okay?" Seq repeated, but this time, in a much quieter tone. He hurried to help Sokka off the ground, his Pokemon and the wild Zigzagoon following in haste. "I don't want to disturb the Exeggcutor. I have one at home. Her name is Rosalinda, and she can be an absolute beast if anyone wakes her up. Let's scoot around the Pillar, shall we?"
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