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Default IDEA: Pokemon Ordo Journeys


This is meant to be light-hearted, similar to the beginning of the Pokemon series, and has much slapstick and child friendly humor. While some parts will be more serious than others, I want this to be fresh in your mind!

I am working on refining the story, giving it a new plot, and basically rewriting the whole thing!

As it has already been released I just need some pointers because this is my first ever fan fiction attempt!

Story: Ash, being second in the Sinnoh League, leaves his friend Dawn to head back to Kanto with his friend Brock. Upon their arrival they meet Ash's family and Oak as well as their old friend Misty. When arriving home, Oak asks them if they will come to his lab the next morning. When they are eating dinner the T.V shows a commercial that blows their mind. They then learn the commercial and the reason Oak called them are for the same reason, a new league in a new region. They meet their friend Richy but later learn that Brock won't be able to join them in their quest. Ash and Misty then separate from Ash at Cerulean City (Misty has to clear up her leaving before they can embark on their new quest). When they arrive at Ordo they find that they are standing in a brand new city. They wind up getting lost and they ask a trainer for help...


The new cup o' tea, and everything is original and will be my own ideas. While I will be destroying Ash and Misty in your minds, I would at least have you wait until my writing skills get better and I go back to edit my previous editions to the story. Thanks!

Also, when I get into my comfortable stage of writing when I am done setting all the junk up and get them into Ordo will be the best part! Especially when Cameron comes. Oh no! I have leaked waaay too much! Good thing I didn't reveal the new story for the Apocalypse team!

P.S: I write this for fun, if you don't like it then get the h*ll (is that really a bad word?) out!
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