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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix noticed all the items in that Rattata's nest as Delibird pointed. He looked towards Delibird and whispered, "Those items aren't natural, so, I'm guessing Rattata stole something from you."

Nancy nodded and tried to take a step towards the nest, but Felix tapped her on the back whispering, "Not this time. We won't want to wake that Pokemon."

Felix smiled at Delibird and signaled it to calm down with his left hand as he took out a Pokeball with the other hand. He opened the ball, aiming it to the back of a nearby tree. A light came out of the ball and landed behind the tree, hopefully stopping the light from disturbing Rattata. Not a second later, a Gallade came out from behind the tree and neared Felix.

Felix leaned to whisper at Gallade's ear and said, "Hey Esteban! You see that Rattata over there?" Gallade shifted his gentle sight towards the Pokemon as Felix continued, "I need you to use Shadow Sneak to get as close as you can to it. Then, if you can, Teleport the Rattata away without waking it up and Teleport youself back here. Got it?"

Gallade nodded, took a deep breath and began sinking into his own shadow. Gallade's shadow moved forward, nearing the Rattata without making any sounds. Hopefully Gallade would be able to complete his mission without bothering the sleeping Pokemon.
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