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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Okay so first off, your Banners look pretty nice, i'd like one if possible (:

Type: Avatar/Banner Combo please?
Size: 390x150 and then banner size.

Render/Stock: This.
Render/Stock-Effects: Um, I don't know but i want his head and then like a little bit of his body.
Render/Stock-Placement: On either the left or the right of the banner. For the Avatar, just his head right in the middle.

Background: Just anything cool looking.
Background-Effects: Something kind of... like edgy? Cool
Background-Theme: black and white, but like a little bit more white than black
Background-Colors: black/white.

Text: Bedrock
Text-Font: I don't have a specific font, but something graffiti looking but not impossible to read.
Text-Colors: Black
Text-Size: Oh not too big but not little either. Sorry if you were looking for a number size but I really don't know.
Text-Placement: Like a little bit above the middle on the side that he's not on.
Text-Effects: idk?

Just a simple black or white border, whichever makes more sense.


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