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Default Re: What is your Fire Red/Leaf Green team?

Woah! Slow down a bit.

Besides. Did you know that girl that you murdered. Her name was The Enter Key!

NEway, think it through for a second. You know what Pokèmon Lorelei has. First of all. Try to use an Electric Pokèmon that doesn't have a weakness to her Pokèmon. Take a magneton, or a Raichu, or perhaps an Electrode. The birds have a terrible weakness to all of the Elite Four, excpet perhaps Agatha. Boost up the new Electric Pokèmon's defense, buy a couple of revives anf full restores, and you're safe.

Then, take a good look at Bruno's Pokèmon. He has two Onixes. I think that Blasoise can take then out, depending on whether or not he has a good move set. Then he has Hitmonchan. This is where a good Psychic Pokèmon comes in handy. Try out an Alakazam, and boost up his Defense. I would recommend not using a bird Pokèmon against Hitmonchan, because of his Thunderpunch. Against Hitmonlee, however, feel free to use a bird, and same with Machamp.

Then, Agatha. Now, make sure that you have completely healed your Psychic pokèmon, and take a Ground Pokèmon. Her ghosts should be easy, provinding that your Psychic types are fast enough. Her Arbok needs a Psychic or a ground, and her Golbat: an Electric or a Psychic. Perhaps an Ice, but save up the Ice moves for Lance.

Then, take on Lance. All of his Pokèmon are weak against Ice, except Gyrados, for whom you shuould use your Electric. My level 48 Raichu beat his Gyrados with on Thunderbolt. Then, his two Dragonair's are weak against Ice, just make sure that your Ice type doesn't sustain too much damage. His Aerodactyl should be no problem for the Ice, seeing that it has four times the weakness to Ice. Then his Dragonite needs attention from your Ice type. My Lapras finished him off with thre ice beams.

Finally, your rival. His team should be: Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Gyrados, Arcanine, Venosaur. Against Pidgeor, go all out Electric. You should beat it soon. Then with Alakazam, take a Pokèmon that has a Good SpDefese, and an awesome physical attack. With Gyrados, again, use Electric. For I really need to tell you?...use a powerful water, or a ground. And finally, for Venosaur, use a fire type, and keep a flying type for backup.

Hope I help, and good luck with the E4


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