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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Type: Tag & avatar
Size: Defult Tag Size

Render/Stock: x
Render/Stock-Effects: Maybe Smudge It To Make It Look Like It's Flying!
Render/Stock-Placement: Top Right Coming Down To Center

Background: Just Use Random Brushes To Make A Awesome Background
Background-Effects: Any
Background-Theme: None
Background-Colors: Blue / Silver / Whites

Text: Rapt0r On The Banner & Element1774 On the Avatar
Text-Font: x
Text-Colors: Black?
Text-Size: Whatever Looks Good
Text-Placement: Bottom Left
Text-Effects: None

Border-Size: Like the One Above The Red Tag
Border-Colors: Black
Border-Effects: None
Border-Theme: None