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Default Re: [War XXX-XX-II+.5] Ultra RPG Section: Week One!

WAR Battle

3vs3 Revo
No Holds
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
Standard Terrain
Standard Weather

iReign vs. Bleepbloop
Dragonite, Lucario and Gengar vs. Lapras, Electivire and Yanmega
Short Shorts vs. Krips

Draggy immediately ran out for Lucario, but Vire swapped in for Lapras and broke its new Sub before Discharging. He almost got KO'd by Earthquake due to Bulk Up, but rather than stay in and finish the job Fooly sent in Yanmega then, took a gamble on Hypnosis, and then OHKO'd with Air Slash, rendering the Hypnosis pointless and risky. Gengar came in then and got put to sleep too before Draggy came back in. Fire Punch connected with Lapras instead though, leaving a burn. Ice Shard severely damaged Draggy before it put up a sub, and then another one damaged the Sub before Lapras was taken out. It took Electivire's dying breath to destroy the substitute, before Yanmega was able to pull in, Detect some speed, and finish Draggy off with Night Slash power with only one Fire Punch When Gengar came back, still asleep, it seemed sure that Fooly would win... except that Gengar woke on the last turn and ended it with Thunderbolt. gg.

MVP: Gengar for the Cinderella Story.

AS wins and gets $2000+point for Short Shorts
Fooly lost and gets $1000
I reffed and should get $1500
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