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Default Re: What do YOU look like? :O

Originally Posted by Gaby View Post
@Alana: OMGLANNIE 8D Long time no see indeed. xD And lulz, I miss them too, but my religion teacher is a gardening tool, so yeah. > ___> Oh well, my hair now looks secksy in the morning instead of a mess I wont bother fixing later on. xD

@Meshilicious: omgleikhallothar<3 I plan to actually stick around this time, srsly this time. D: AND IF I DON'T, I CHOP OFF MY LEFT ARM. i so ttly do eet lulz Zankiu, btw, I would take a pic of how it looks now (it curls up at the ends, but is still straight, makes it look smecksy<3) but my camera's USB poofed and the cellphone is being a gardening tool. = ___=;;

@fullmetal: Burning cow poo for plant fertilizer? :D
Nope absolutely not kids.
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