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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

"Stink bomb pellets. They explode on contact and fill the air with a horrible stench that fades really quickly. Kind of experimental, but they work." Sokka nodded towards the north. "C'mon, the Pillar is just over this hill." They began to climb when a loud buzzing filled the air. Sokka glanced to the left, then immediately grabbed Seq by the shoulder and pulled both of them flat on their stomachs.

"What in the world?" Seq mumbled, face full of cold grass. As he rolled his eyes up, he could see several geometrical Pokemon buzzing in a straight line, all being led by an alienesque wasp.

"Sorry about that. The Swarm is kind of famous in these parts. They'll run right through people in their way when they fly, and it can get kind of painful." The buzzing faded into the distance, but it still remained, albeit in a much lower form. Behind Sokka, a single Combee remained, staring curiously at the two humans.

As Sokka turned, the scientist could see a single Combee who had remained behind the rest of his flock. Three tiny faces looked up at him with several different emotions.

"Hey," Seq said, extending a hand to the curious bee. He had studied them previously when inspecting Munchlax and their varied eating habits. "How are you, Combee? If you're looking for honey, you should tell your queen to follow Munchlax and Snorlax. They'll lead the way."

It was then that he turned to Sokka. "Should we keep moving? I'd like to see the Pillar."
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