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Default Re: iRef

6-10 people
Revolution Rules
No Held Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Moves that hit more than one Pokemon in double battles hit one opponent
No Game Boy mode
No Evasion
Drafted Teams
No Friendly Fire
Special Rule: Auto Trick Room

Luke34 (Garchomp) - $1000
Y2kpikachu (Whiscash) - $1000
Lord Khajmer (Dusknoir) - $1000
TheEvilDookie (Tyranitar) - $1500
Haze (Regirock) - $2000
Kingrpter101 (Swampert) - $2500
Sequentio (Vaporeon) - $3000
Stinky (Gastrodon) - $3500
Me (Ref) - $4000

Everyone forgot to remember Gastrodon!

Wages: $12,500

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