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Default Re: What is your Fire Red/Leaf Green team?

Originally Posted by Japucar
I don't have LG, but are you sure your Pokémon are trained well enough? And do you have some good movesets?
They are trained relatively well,If Zapdos would learn an electric move and If I got more money I could win,Lorelei beats me all the time because she can take Moltres and Zapdos out fast,Articuno and Blastoise Are ok in the fight but arent enough to win,Lickitong is ok,Marowak goes down easily just like Zapdos and Moltres,now I am training my Aerodactyl itsa on lvl.21,I put experience share on it and keep fighting the Elite four,whenever I get past Lorelei I always end up at Lance,but then he beatsz me.
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