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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

"Well, as exciting as that was, I would like to see what other Pokemon are in these Woods. Let's go!" Felix said, starting to walk deeper into the Woods. Sokka followed close behind, making sure that he didn't get too far away. That would just be bad, and Sokka couldn't afford ano-

The thought was cut off, as was their path, by a large red and white object jumping in front of them. The Delibird landed on a fallen log and looked over its shoulder, staring at the humans for a moment.

"... Deli!" It suddenly cried, beckoning to Felix and Sokka with a Santa-red flipper. It then hopped down and ran away from the path, jumping over assorted obstacles at surprising speed for a flightless bird. Sokka quirked an eyebrow and looked to his Trainer.

"Well, I'm no expert but I think he wants us to follow him."


Trainer Stats:

Name: Felix Haru
Location: The Woods

Area Effects
-14 Encounters Remaining

Pokemon Stats:
-Jolly Female Delcatty (TM Protect ; BM Sucker Punch) <Cute Charm Ability>

-Calm Female Dragonite (TM Rain Dance ; TM Substitute ; HM Surf ; HM Waterfall ; HM Whirlpool) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Naive Female Butterfree (TM Psychic ; TM Hidden Power [Electric] ; TM SolarBeam ; TM Nightmare) <Compoundeyes Ability>

-Careful Male Gallade (TMs Substitute, Swagger, Trick Room, Sleep Talk, Hidden Power (dragon), Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Thunder Wave, Skill Swap, Toxic, Snatch, Rest, Shadow Ball, X-Scissors, Thunderbolt, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Taunt, Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen, Natural Gift, Fling, Poison Jab, Charge Beam ; BMs Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak, MTs Ice Punch and Thunderpunch) <Steadfast Ability>

-Sassy Male Abomasnow (TM Grass Knot ; TM Hail ; TM Earthquake) <Snow Warning Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x 10, Super Balls x 4, Hyper Balls x 3, Supreme Parkball x 1, Digital Camera, Digital Camera Powerlens, Max Potion x 2, Full Heal x 2

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Lickitung {Encounter 1}
Christmas Delibird {Special Encounter}

Total Pokemon Captured:
Serious Male Lickitung
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