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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

Julie looked Zigzagoon over a bit, and beckoned to him with her head. The raccoon dog yelped playfully and ran alongside the Vaporeon, who ran with him, less hyper but still playful. The group, now plus one, continued north.


A fast paced tapping of footsteps faded in quickly from out of earshot, and Sokka put an arm in front of Seq, blocking him from moving forward. The Pokemon all stopped as well, out of instinct if nothing else. Sure enough, a moment later a brown and black streak shot directly through where Seq and Sokka would have been had they not stopped. The streak then turned in mid-run and circled the entire group. It passed around once, then twice, then a third time in the space of a few seconds before skidding to a stop in front of them. There, casting an angry glare with both of it's heads, was a Doduo.


Encounters Left: 13

Encounters- ??? ??? Zigzagoon
??? ??? Doduo

Trainer Stats

Name: Sequentio
Location: Botanic Gardens
Items: 5 Park Balls, 3 Super Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, 2 Full Heals & 3 Max Potions


Rebecca the Jynx
Gender; Female
Ability; Oblivious (Prevents attract).
Nature; Impish.
TM/HM; Brick Break, Dream Eater, Grass Knot & Shadow Ball.

Erutis the Togekiss
Gender; Female
Ability; Serene Grace (Doubles chances for secondary effects).
Nature; Gentle.
TM/HM; Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot (BM), Psychic, Reflect, Roost, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave & Tri Attack (SM).

Julie the Vaporeon
Gender; Female
Nature; Calm
Ability; Water Absorb (Regains 25% health when hit with a Water attack).
TM/HM/Other; Hidden Power (Poison), Ice Beam, Protect, Substitute, Surf & Toxic.
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