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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Grovyle (based a bit off the one in PMD2:EoT/D/S)
How to Unlock: Beat the Event Match called "The World's fate rests in our hands!" *Stage: Sauria Safari. Player: Grovyle Ally: Zero Suit Samus. Enemies: King. K Rool, Ganondorf.)

B: Fury Cutter (repeatedly B for a flurry of cutting attacks)
Left or Right + B: Leaf Blade (a speedy slashing attack with his leaves)
Up + B: Agility (a speedy recovery, useful for dodging, and getting back on the stage, dealing damage to enemies in his path)
Down + B: Detect (a counter attack, like Ike's and Falco's combined)
Side Taunt: "You can't beat me!"*moves a bit like Wolf's "What's the matter, scared!?"*
Up Taunt: "Heh, too easy!" *moves a bit like Falco's "Piece of cake!"*
Down Taunt: "Bring it on, punk!" *moves a bit like Fox's "Come on!"*
Final Smash: Leaf Storm (similar to Lucario's Final Smash, only with a blast of energy, wind, and leaves)
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