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Default [War XXX-XX-II+.5] Ultra RPG Section: Week Dos!


Hey, guys. Welcome to the next wonderful and exhilaratingly fun few weeks of URPG battles, but with crazy and funky rules that will test your skills of being ... weird. Or something like that. But, for sure, you're going to have some fun battle this week. I really do hope so at least!

what am I talking about? ...

Oh yes, the person with the most individual wins at the end of this three week carnival will get a fun prize!

  • Each week there will be a special rule, this rule will be posted in the post below this post and then under that post and so on
  • Two points will be given out each week, one of which will go to the team of the person with the highest amount of wins / the other to the team with the most points
  • Points are scored for: winning a battle and will be given out by the special rule, so make sure to read them
  • If a battle ends in a tie each team gets half of a point
  • Each battle will be 3vs3, Revo, Helds Opitonal, Terrain/Weather picked by challenger, Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
  • $2000 per win, $1000 per loss, $1500 per ref
  • No battles can begin until I, or whoever will run the week in case of my absence, says so

Total Points per Team
  • Teh Ebil Kittehs:
  • We Wear Short Shorts:
  • Society of Krips:
  • Winners:

Total Points per Person

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