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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Series: No one.. this is me!
Normal B= Hyper Scream- blasts 2 opponents into the other side of the level.
Right B= Strong Punch- (Chargeable)
Up B= N-Force Slash - slashes with her weapon, the N-Force Marauder Long Sword.
Down B= Fast Punch - Quickly punches the opponent 3 times.
Left B= Bite - Bites nearest opponent on screen.

Final Smash: Rage - Upon activating the Smash ball, Yumitchi gets mad (and I mean THIS mad) and lets out her rage on other opponents for a minute. She is more susceptible to fall off the edge.

Ordinary attack (A button) : Claws with fingernails.
Side smash (A + >) : Backpack, hits anyone going near her by swinging her backpack in a circle.
Down smash (A + down) : Slams opponent.
Up smash (A + ^) : Uppercuts.

How to unlock : Beat Subspace Emissary, then participate in 5 brawls.
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