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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!


Normal B= Rollout. Hold down B and roll to the to the other side of the stage dealing damage.
Side B= Take Down (chargeable)
Up B= Extends trunk(?) and latches onto edge/anything it hits. If it hits and enemy it deals damage.
Down B= Earthquake.(chargeable, the more it's charged, the wider the area it affects.)

Final Smash : Evolves into Donphan and gives all moves double power. Take down turns into double-edge (still chargeable) Up B extends longer. Rollout, you can jump and freely move around, not just to the end of the stage and earthquake affects a wider distance (still chargeable).

Ordinary attack (A button) : Hits opponent with trunk.
Side smash (A + >) : Headbutts opponent.
Down smash (A + down) : Jumps on opponent.
Up smash (A + ^) : Flicks trunk thing upwards.

How to unlock : Beat Pikachu, lucario and Jigglypuff with Pokemon Trainer 20 times each.

*Looking for a pair*
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