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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Special moves
B = Hyper Beam (Chargable)
B^ = Extreme Speed
B<> = Giga Impact (chargable)
B \/ =Draco Meteor comes down like a meteor
Final Smash Judgement after the judgement it randomly picks a type
Normal Take Down. Fire Flamethrower. Water Watergun. Grass Leafstorm. Electric Volt Tackle. Fighting Close Combat. Ice Blizzard. Poison Cross Poison. Steel Iron Head. Dragon Roar of time or Spaical Rend. Ghost Shadow Force. Dark Dark Pulse. Psychic Hypnosis. Ground Earthquake. Rock Rock Wrecker. Bug X Scissor. Flying Brave Bird.

How to unlock
1 Beat Tabbu twice with each pokemon character.
2 Collect all the pokemon trophys.
3 Beat boss mode Arceus will be the last one.
4 Beat him and get his trophy.
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