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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Lickitung's rolling rampage continued, dust kicking up in his wake as he blasted this way and that, occasionally being redirected by trees in the manner of a pinball. Felix and Delcatty kept their cool though, and the trainer had Nancy guard the Super Ball until the opportunity presented itself to strike.

Finally, Lickitung's random attack, which by now had enough built up momentum to crumple up a train-in motion-pointed itself at the feline Pokemon. She poised herself. A miscalculation would get her run over like a cat hit by a car-not a wholly inappropriate comparison. When the lizard was almost completely on her, she shot an unexpected (largely because Lickitung couldn't see her) headbutt at the base of his ball-like form. Rather than roll straight over Nancy, the force at the bottom of his roll and the high spin preventing traction sent him rolling straight up her head and into the air. It also threw the spin off balance, forcing Lickitung to unroll himself and enter freefall. Delcatty, meanwhile, spun around as she was so skilled at doing, knocking the Super Ball with her tail into the air. It spun and met Lickitung in mid-fall, absorbing him once more. Felix then finally noticed Sokka and acknowledged his presence.

"Hey," the young Ranger responded. "I'm Ranger Sokka. Sara was technically on break so she was basically just filling in until I could get here." They both then turned their attention to the ball, which had just landed and was now shaking furiously as Lickitung struggled to escape...

But to no avail! The ball clicked and a tone was heard, indicating a successful capture. Sokka walked over and picked it up, polishing a smudge from it being on the ground so long with his shirt.

"Congratulations. That's a pretty good find, and I'm guessing it was your first too, right?" He noted the time since Felix had come in as he handed the ball to him, and the fact that the Lickitung looked like it had taken a while to fight.


Trainer Stats:

Name: Felix Haru
Location: The Woods

Area Effects
-14 Encounters Remaining

Pokemon Stats:
-Jolly Female Delcatty (TM Protect ; BM Sucker Punch) <Cute Charm Ability>

-Calm Female Dragonite (TM Rain Dance ; TM Substitute ; HM Surf ; HM Waterfall ; HM Whirlpool) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Naive Female Butterfree (TM Psychic ; TM Hidden Power [Electric] ; TM SolarBeam ; TM Nightmare) <Compoundeyes Ability>

-Careful Male Gallade (TMs Substitute, Swagger, Trick Room, Sleep Talk, Hidden Power (dragon), Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Thunder Wave, Skill Swap, Toxic, Snatch, Rest, Shadow Ball, X-Scissors, Thunderbolt, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Taunt, Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen, Natural Gift, Fling, Poison Jab, Charge Beam ; BMs Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak, MTs Ice Punch and Thunderpunch) <Steadfast Ability>

-Sassy Male Abomasnow (TM Grass Knot ; TM Hail ; TM Earthquake) <Snow Warning Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x 10, Super Balls x 4, Hyper Balls x 3, Supreme Parkball x 1, Digital Camera, Digital Camera Powerlens, Max Potion x 2, Full Heal x 2

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Lickitung {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured:
Serious Male Lickitung
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