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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Nancy was staring at the Superball, waiting to see if her work had paid off. She seemed excited, but as the Superball opened, she took a step back in surprise as the Lickitung popped out of the ball performing a Rollout attack. Felix didn't seem much happy about it either, but he kept focusing on the battle.

"Don't worry about it, Nancy. I need you to keep an eye on Lickitung at all time and guard that Superball," said Felix with a grin on his face. He clearly had a plan.

Nancy simply nodded and stood right between Lickitung and the ball, although she didn't seem so sure about Felix's plan.

"Just wait a bit for Lickitung to come your way. Then use Sucker Punch at the last second to stop it from spinning," Felix continued.

Nancy smiled a bit now that she was in on the plan. She looked back at the Superball then back at Lickitung.

"That's right, once you hit Lickitung, jump back and Wake-up Slap that Superball right into him!" said Felix in a cheery voice as he punched forward into the air.

At that moment, Felix glanced back for a moment and noticed the new Ranger.

"Oh, Hi," he greeted without looking back as he was too into the battle.
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