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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!


Series: Mario (Yoshi's Island, Mario & Luigi 2, NSMBWii)

Neutral B: Wand Wave- Releases a small orb of dark magic.

Side B: Confusion- Similar to Mewtwo's Side B in Melee.

Down B: Summons the broomstick. It becomes a weapon and can be thrown etc.

Up B: Teleport/ Broom ride: Teleports him a short distance. If he is holding the broom, he uses it like R.O.B's recovery.

Final Smash- Magic Burst: Flits across the screen with his broom, and spreads Magic Powder like in the Yoshi games to make the opponents... weaker? Smaller? Slower? Easier to KO? Not sure.

Taunt 1: Becomes a flat panel that spins around sticking out his tongue.
Taunt 2: Waves his wand around.
Taunt 3: Laughter, followed by exaggerated coughing.

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