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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Originally Posted by PainKiller View Post
Varg has changed. Old Varg wouldn't have cared.
He would have bitched and moaned about how stupid the west is. The he would have sent a bomb in the mail to some guys in Israel.

Originally Posted by MaskedJackal View Post
One of the select few bands I have in my Death Metal library.


I finally got a chance to listen to Arkham Witch's debut demo, and I'm really pleased with it. Anyone here who listens to The Lamp of Thoth (I.E. JUST ZACH) should definitely look into them. With the first song, the band just sounds mostly like The Lamp of Thoth, but the rest of the songs have a much more Heavy Metal feel to them.

I'll probably review the demo sometime this weekend, as well as Revelation and Poema Arcanus' new albums. disregard that I suck dicks because I'm busy with other things at this moment.


Necrovore has reminded me of my deep love for old school Death Metal. I think I'll start getting back to looking into old DM bands now.
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