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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix yawned a bit after hearing Nancy's song, but he was mostly used to it by now. Seeing as Lickitung had curled up, he looked at Nancy and whispered, "Great job Nancy. Now we need to make sure we can capture it."

Nancy looked back as she didn't seem too happy about attacking.

"Don't worry girl, it'll be okay. We'll have a new friend to bring home after all," added Felix, trying to cheer up his Delcatty as he took out a Superball.

Nancy smiled and looked forward at her target, ready to receive a comand.

"Alright, straight forward Double Slap," comanded Felix.

At that moment, Nancy sprung forward and ran towards the Lickitung. As she did, she stomped her front right paw at the ground making her body turn to slap Lickitung around with her tail.

Felix waited for Nancy to be about to strike and at that moment, he held his Superball tightly and tossed it at Lickitung, hopefully giving Nancy enough time to land a few decent hits.
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