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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
Aww, whatever you choose to go for, I'm sure it'll be great. I've never stuck to the "theme" of the contest, but sometimes it does seem that everybody unofficially decides to write the same "theme" sometimes. xD

My plot, really, is more suited for Halloween. It has a stuck-up mage (though she calls herself a witch), spells gone awry, and dark magic. Maybe one of these years I'll write a Christmas story. *ponders*

- Kat
Want to know what mine is about?

I'll just said it's called Guilt Trip. And if I do it right, people won't really have any wish to celebrate... or I'll just screw this time around too and nobody will vote for me, which would be kind of depressing if I wasn't along just for the ride and a mildly beneficial feedback on the story (mildly because I don't dwelve too deeply on what it says xP)
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