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Default Christmas Event All December!

Well, our fearless leader is busy with a bunch of stuffs in real life, so she entrusted me to announce this. I'll try to be really specific about what she wanted me to say.

(btw, Rangers, don't miss the big bold letters at the bottom of this post)


Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing
Dreaming of a Delibird Christmas


For the past several weeks, a large number of Delibird have been seen leaving Mount Oktori. They have migrated to all other parts of the National Park, and seem to be waiting for something. Experts are baffled by the odd behavior of these Pokemon, as they have never been recorded as acting in this manner. Rangers approaching the Delibird are ignored; however, they seem to have an interest in Trainers. This interest has been growing stronger the closer we get to the month of December. Staff of the National Park have decided that the island’s Delibird are holding some sort of impromptu celebration of the Christmas month, for the very first time since the Park’s opening.

No one knows why the Delibird are doing this, but we can be certain that Trainers running across any Delibird over the next few weeks will be rewarded in some manner. Good luck to you all!


Welcome to the first annual Christmas event of the UPRG National Park! This event will last the whole month of December, ending on the first of January.

During this month, all Trainers coming into the Park will, during ONE of their Park visits, meet a special Delibird (this does not count towards your 15 Encounters, as you cannot catch this Pokemon). Rangers will decide when to make the special Delibird appear; when they appear, each special Delibird will need the Trainer to complete a certain task. If the Trainer manages to complete it, they will be rewarded (list is below). Those who do not complete it will be allowed to encounter another special Delibird during their next visit (this is the only time a Trainer gets to encounter more than one special Delibird). Rangers will post in this thread stating whether or not their Trainer completed the Delibird’s task or not, and what prize the Trainer got if they did. If, at the end of the event, the Trainer did not complete any tasks for any special Delibird, they will be given 5,000 instead.

If a Trainer is at Mt Oktori and a Delibird is rolled, it is counted as a normal encounter (NOT a special Delibird encounter).

RPs that started before December but continue into the month count for this event.

There aren’t many rules, other than these:

1) ONE special Delibird encounter for the entire month (unless the Trainer didn’t complete the task of their last visit)
2) Each Trainer can only be rewarded with ONE prize
3) Rangers roll for the prizes to determine which ones are earned

And that’s all of them :P. Now, on to the prizes list!



After a Trainer completes a task, the Ranger will roll a 100-sided die to determine the Prize Category. They are:

Regular Items (Roll 1-19)
Special Park Items (Roll 20-39)
TMs (Roll 40-59)
Berries (Roll 61-79)
Money (Roll 80-100)

Then the Ranger will roll another die to determine the actual prize. Prizes for each Prize Category:

Regular Park Items (come in bundles according to chart below):
x5 of any item 500 or less (Roll 1-49)
x3 of any item 1k (Roll 50-79)
x2 of any item 1.5 (Roll 80-94)
x1 of any item 3k-3.5k (Roll 95-100)

Special Park Items:
x1 Park Pass (Roll 1-49)
x1 Extra Pokemon Coupon (bring in extra Pokemon for free, one visit) (Roll 50-100)
x1 Master Ball (ONLY ONE; at the end of the event, I will roll a die equal to the number of people who took part in the event. The person who has their number rolled will be given a choice between the Master Ball or their other prize)

x1 of of any TM 3.5k or less

x3 of any Berry

Any amount between 1k-3.5k (Amount determined by die roll: 6-sided die, 1 = 1,000, 2 = 1,500, 3 = 2,000, 4 = 2,500, 5 = 3,000, 6 = 3,500)


Yeah, that's specific enough.

It's the Rangers' job to come up with the tasks the Delibird might need help with, so get creative people!

In addition that,


That's right! Nighttime for everyone who enters the park during December, and Nighttime for those who are currently in a Park Visit even if it started before December.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!! ^^

*this threads needs to be stickied*

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