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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Originally Posted by Fever View Post

On another note, I was just thinking - the standard of URPG writing has really improved lately, if you ask me. Just flicking through some of the stories, and everyone seems to be trying harder these days. :') I'm go get those Emblems, guys ;) I expected the Library to really take off. I'm a Councillor, right? Maybe I should nominate someone...I have some free time coming up in a couple of weeks, so I'll be specifically on the lookout for good stories :D

(Note: If I nominate your story, I'll do it because it's worth it, not just for the sake of it. Please don't take it as being patronising or anything. Just to clear that up.)
I agree with you on that. Despite the fact I haven't had time to grade lately, I have browsed through stories Just by glancing, I see that authors, even the brand new ones, are putting a lot more effort into their stories. Gives me a warm fuzzy feelinh inside, you know?

@ Galleon: That sounds very neat, especially how the plans of your story will change depending on what story you choose.

On the topic of competitions, does anybody have an idea of what they're going to write for their WWC entry?

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