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Default Re: Character Chat

Heh ^^

Skye: Yes, I feel okay. *Looks at Knuckles* And why do you hate me, if I may ask?

I always voice the aggressive characters ^^' *Looks at Skye* As for who I hate...You can take a guess.

I don't really hate anyone...Except Kurai. But he's dead ^^'

I don't hate anyone.

I love everyone! *Hugs Shadow and is shot*

Rikka: I think Skye is annoying. But, I only hate him when he really gets on my nerves.

Skye: Why does everyone hate me? 0o All right then. I dislike Robotnik, Metal Sonic, and myself. Happy now? Hate is such a strong term...

How do you...Hate yourself? 0o

Skye: You are doing it New Moon, Sonic. You hate yourself for what you are becoming.
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