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Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Nah. I don't think anyone can ignore ya for long. ^^'

Really? *thinks again* Kris can fix that I think. ^^

Sure, why not. *snaps fingers so everyone's in a forest clearing* That work?

Better! ^^ *waves happily at Almaz* Hi!

You seem lost, Snowcrystal.

*whacks Seris* You know, I'm getting almost as annoyed by you as Blazefang. >.<
Snowcrystal: I am...*has no idea what's going on*

Seris: T_T

Kinje: Whoa...a forest.


Well, it said everyone....

Blazefang: *to Giratina* I can answer that...Cyclone.

Seris: Kinje. >_<

Kinje: SERIS! >=C

Justin: Stormblade.

Snowcrystal: Uh...that's a...lovely question. >.<

Scytheclaw: Nightshade and Moonlight.

Volco: Thunder.

Thunder: Master.

Snowcrystal: Okay, guys, stop it!

Spark: I didn't get to answer! u_u

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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