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Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
I saw it Grassy. XD
Are you okay now, Skye? ^^'

I can't imagine he's too good after being hit by a frying pan and soaked.

*looks at Aislyn while eating pie* I'd say it was a good day. B)

I'm sorry about your Thanksgiving, Giratina. Maybe things will work out by next year. ^^'
And I enjoy hot chocolate too! I can make homemade hot cocoa. ^^
Well, I watched Saturday's shows today. Saw the "Turtles Forever" premiere movie.

What was funny was that the third Donatello-the original one, according to this-had Shadow's voice XD To top that off, the SonicX only had Shadow in it ;)


I always get the aggressive people 0o

Skye: A headache...But that is all.
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