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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

*knows he's double posting*
Importance :P

The idea of the "Behind the Scenes" slash "the making of" thing about fics was thrown out there by me... but I simply have no time for it (I hardly have time to do AJIK as is...)

So I'm leaving some others do it. By "some others" I mean that everyone can do it - their own edition of "The Making of..." with as many 'episodes' of it as they want. This way, the same author can be featured a few times in different ways ^_^

Say Person 1 does it, and features his authors, but asks about certain things about the fic and the author,. (not very interesting, but could be)
person 2 needs to do something different. I dono how exactly, but just make your type of "The making of..." different.

Or, one person only can do it, but that's kinda boring. THent hat person is never featured :-/ This way, everyone can have fun being interviewed, and interviewing! ^_^ *Knows he just confused the hell of everyone*
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