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Default [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix™

Shy Grafix

Currently CLOSED

All artwork in this shop has 99.999% chance of hiding from you (Provided your request is 0.001% reasonable.) There are no refunds even though I don't make people pay for my artwork. You are free to use my artwork in any way: Your avatar, a banner for your role play, your signature, your <Insert somewhere you can put your artwork>, as long as you give me credit. That means that you don't say "I WUZ WUN HOO DIDD DU AWT, DYLAN DINT!" You put a nice little bit of text in your signature or thread you are using it in saying 'Credit to Dylan' or 'Credit to Shy' or 'Credit to the coolest person in the world, Dylan!' or whatever. I'd prefer you call me Dylan, Shy, or Thatoneguywhoiswaybetterthanyou. I do have a request format. Put N/A to anything you do not understand or do not want. If you don't want to use my format, then make your own or don't request using a form, just tell me what you want me to make for you. I'm a serious artist, but I still do all the cutesy pokemon tags you want xD. I'm new to this GFX forum, so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong, breaking any rules, let me know before mods come and eat my thread (Even if I didn't do anything wrong)

Type: Signature, Avatar, Banner, or Tag
Size: Size of the image in Pixels
Render*/Stock: The focal in the image
Background: The background details
Effects: Any special effects you'd want
Text: Writing in the image
Border: What outlines the image
Other: Any other info

*PLEASE get renders at WWW.PlanetRenders.Net so that they have a transparent background. If a render given doesn't have a transparent background, it'll take longer to finish and won't turn out as good.


Now for the gallery portion! I don't need criticism, but please know I'm aware of my flaws. If you say "You're going to get way harsher criticism on!" Then make sure you understand that this is and not, so here I take light criticism

Name: Dylan
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Program: GIMP
Expierience: Two years

(Yes, Eevee is spelled wrong.)



Gallery of finished Requests


If you'd especially like a banner made by me, please use this form. I like my breathing room.

Size (in pixels):
Image/Render (renders are preffered)**:
Border? Y/N:
Any effects you especially want:
Avi? Y/N:

**Please, try and get renders rather than images. For those of ya' that don't know, a render is an image with a transparent background. A good source is right here.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. No flames, I beg of you.

And be sure to give credit. ^_^

I am forever bound by chains to PE2K

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