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Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
*snorts at Murkrow and lands in a tree* About time. At least that Magnezone has some sense. B'

*chuckles* Shadow already learned what happens when you make Stryk mad.

Yeah, and Grassy had her camcorder going. =^-^'= guys don't have to fight about it. ^^'

Oh, and sorry, but I haven't seen the last movie yet, so I'll just be lost while everyone talks about it. XD

Skye: Rikka just loves to start things. She can get rath-*whacked with telescope* X.- What was that for?!?!

Rikka: That's for insisting I start fights! Now be quiet or I'll hit you again!

Yeesh. And I thought Amy was bad...

Lol, I just found it hilarious Jason Griffith was doing Marcus' voice, and using his Shadow voice at the same time. You don't recognize it until Marcus starts to show just how "evil" he really is, and then you're like-"HEY! I know that voice!".

Unfortunately, I found it funny when he ordered his pokes to do something, because I kept imagining Shaodw there instead XD I mean, Marcus had the crazy hairdo and red eyes-easy mistake, right?

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