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Default Re: Character Chat

We sure did miss alot. I leave for one week and the thread gets re-made! :D

Yuri: *Sighs* I miss the old thread. It will be missed. T.T

Isla: Dramatic much, Yuri?

Yeah! Shut up, Seris. Team Shadowfang for the WIN! *Hugs Ashka* Who's my favorite Houndoom!? *Cuddles*

Yuri: Thank goodness, she's cuddling someone besides me for once.

Zane: Well... She has always had a strange attachment to Houndooms... Its just the Houndour she has a problem with. (Hint... Hint.. *Cough* Blazefang.. *Cough*)
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D
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