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Default Re: The Changing of the Guard

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Well, I was going to post some huge post that said how cool it was to be a moderator for you all, and whatnot ... but I fell asleep when I was typing it last night and I'm too lazy to retype it. So, now is the time, I guess, to say thanks to all of you; especially people who helped me in URPG and actually start to understand and get the edge of it.

And thanks for the congrats, ladies and gentlemen. :)
I still remember when you just joined the URPG and were always IMing me saying, "Can you ref for me? I'm so annoying xD" and I'd be all like, "Yo homie g what you all up in mah grill for yo?" Okay maybe I didn't say it like that but anyways, congratulations and good luck Jr.

DoIPutNameHere: cradily, bad game really f***** up w/o storm drain, horrible playing, i give you a 0/10, please try harder next time
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