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Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Okay, so I'm not a ref or anything, but... I've got a question. Okay, so if a Pokemon is Paralyzed... the Ref. Encyclopedia thread says that there's a "25% chance of not being able to attack each turn, as well as a 25% SPEED reduction."

Does this mean that the Speed reduction and being unable to attack are "rolled" (for the dice...) seperately, so that they can happen on the same turn, or just as one roll, so only either or (or a normal attack) can happen during a single turn?

Thanks. This sorta confused me a little....
The speed reduction is permanent as long as you're paralyzed. So every turn, your speed will be 25% of what it would be without paralysis, making you much slower. The ref then rolls every turn to see if the pokemon is able to attack, the chance of it being fully paralyzed being 25%.

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