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Originally Posted by Seawolf View Post
I've taken two doses of DayQuil, five cough drops, an Advil, and I'm still sniffly as all heck. Does anyone know of any remedies that actually work for a cold?
Lots of coffee.

But actually working... All I can think of that usually helps me are exercise, lots of fluids (water water water, and herbal tea helps too), and sleep. But who wants to sleep when they own L4D2, right?

^^^ Best PE2K ad ever.

[14/05/10 1:18:10 AM] Mitch: kenny
[14/05/10 1:18:12 AM] Mitch: real talk
[14/05/10 1:18:15 AM] Mitch: if we were both single
[14/05/10 1:18:16 AM] Kenny: sure

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