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Default Re: Banner Contest '09: Vote!

I voted for Sequentio's, but honestly, I'm kind of dissapointed with the selection. I'm not saying they aren't amazing banners, most are better than anything I could make, but they just seem to take the wrong approach... I was looking for something that would draw me to URPG if I was coming from another site, completely new, and wanted to join something. To be honest, I think most of the banners focus more on the render, rather than the URPG, which is something that I think the official URPG banner shouldn't have, you know?
~Gold Rush's is really amazing, there's no doubting it. I really was blown away when I saw it, but again, the Infernape just jumps out at me too much and doesn't have enough attention drawn to the URPG text.
~Sequentio's is also another outstanding banner, and I liked how the URPG text and subtext are the main focus of the banner, so I voted for that one. It was a close tie between his and Hakken's. I also like they way he used 2 different Sableye renders.
~Hakken: This one was also fantastic. I like its flow, and how it doesn't focus on one part of the picture. It's a pretty cute banner. ^^ But the reason I did not choose this one is because if I was coming from another site and wanted something to do (this is my cynical self, keep in mind), I'd say "Oh... this looks kind something for smaller kids." (Which URPG OBVIOUSLY isn't, I'm not saying that AT ALL.) Seq's banner just draws my attention more.

Just my two cents. :P
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