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Arrow Trading Machine

courtesy of Lan

Welcome to the Trading Machine! This is the place to trade Pokémon with other Trainers.
  • A trade starts by one person posting that he/she wants to trade and the other person replies he/she will trade. Once both people agree, they trade.
  • You must have a Trade Supervisor accept your trade before it becomes official.
  • If your Pokémon evolves by trading, you can use the item Cable Link (unlimited use, buy it at the PokeMart!). If an item is needed during Trade Evolution, you must buy it from the PokéMart. You can still trade evolve here for free, just be sure you buy the trading item needed and have your Pokemon hold it.
  • You can’t trade your Starter Pokémon to anyone. It is yours to keep forever. You can only trade-and-trade-back to evolve it, like Machoke to Machamp.
  • You can trade items, or trade Pokemon holding items.
  • You can't trade any Pokémon that are participating in a current, active forum battle/contest. If you do trade, either your trade will be canceled or the battle declared over. This is done by a Moderator or Official.
  • Trading for the purpose of teaching any TM/HM/BM/MT/SM's is strictly prohibited, and will result in a cancelled trade.
  • Both trainers MUST post themselves in the thread. No AIM conversations will be allowed.
  • Only Trade Approvers are allowed to approve trades. Attempt to make your trades as fair as possible. If an approver sees otherwise it will be put on hold and discussed in a timely manner

Trade Supervisors
All Moderators and Officials only

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