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Default Re: [Fan fic of the year 2008 Runner up] The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

“I know,” came Articuno’s cold reply. “And when I heard that another fight had broken out and the pokémon were holding their ground and hadn’t fallen off the cliff, I came to stop it before the attack could be triggered again. It was only because I saw you that I called them off. I had not expected a growlithe to come here. But now, you must leave. You and the others, especially that houndour, have no place here.”

“What about my clan?” Snowcrystal cried.

“They cannot live here either. Nor would it be safe,” Articuno responded. “You will have to leave here quickly…as for the houndour…” he paused to look at Blazefang again. “I will let him go, but if he can not keep his attack under control, I nor anyone else can stop him from being captured and imprisoned like the ice type.”

“He won’t use it again,” Snowcrystal replied, hoping she sounded more sure than she felt. “He hates the attack…”

“At least he is one of the more sensible owners,” said Articuno, though he still regarded Blazefang as if he was a graveler that could self destruct at any moment. He gave the ragtag group of pokémon one last glance, and spread his magnificent wings, taking to the air. “I will tell the pokémon here not to harm you if you don’t fight them first,” he told Snowcrystal as he glided gracefully over the snow. “But you must leave quickly.”

Snowcrystal was about to reply, but Articuno had suddenly soared much higher into the air, at a distance where it would have been futile to try and cry out to him. As she watched him soaring above the mountain top, several other bird pokémon appeared, flying near him. She could tell that they would soon know not to attack her or her friends, and the others would realize that Articuno wanted to protect them since he had interfered with the fight. They were free to leave, but Snowcrystal found that she could barely get her paws to move.

She felt as if her clan was utterly alone now. They had simply been left to fend for themselves.

Suddenly she felt Redclaw’s fur brush against her and turned to look up at the arcanine. “Come on,” he said, “let’s go.”

Snowcrystal looked away, still standing unmoving. “Go where?” she asked. “What is there left for me to do? Go back and tell them I’ve failed?” Thinking, she realized that she couldn’t stand the thought. She hated the feeling of having come all this way…just to realize that she was helpless after all.

“I’m sure your pack can work something out…” Redclaw began.

“We need the snow to live!” Snowcrystal retorted with a flash of anger. “And Articuno just left us to die!”

“Snowcrystal, look!” Spark cried, walking over to her with the other three following him warily. “You can’t be of any help to them out here. It’s probably best to go back, where there’s something you can do.”

“But there isn’t something I can do…” Snowcrystal sighed, feeling her anger fade. “Not if I go back without help. I mean, if there’s any way…any way I could help them somehow…help Articuno be able to return…” She paused, thinking back to what the ice legendary had said. Even he did not know much about how the Forbidden Attacks had come about, but he had known that he could not destroy them.

I believe only the ones who brought them about can do that…

That’s what he had said. A small spark of hope flickered inside her. Maybe, after all, there was something she could do. If she could find out who created the Forbidden Attacks, she could give Articuno and the other legendaries the information they needed. And if there was even a chance that some pokémon out there would know who those beings were, she was far better off searching for them than returning home only to watch helplessly and use up her clan’s dwindling food supply as the growlithe were forced out of their home. Keeping her gaze fixed on the haze of ice and snow around her, she didn’t even notice Redclaw or Spark’s reply. “I’m going to find out…” she said softly.

“What?” Spark replied, obviously confused.

“I’m going to find out who created the Forbidden Attacks,” she said, louder, as she turned to face her five companions. “If they can destroy what they created, the legendaries guarding the attacks should know about them. And someone out there has to know who they are. They can’t hide from all pokémon.”

Redclaw and Spark exchanged glances, while Wildflame looked utterly at a loss for what to do. Redclaw looked the growlithe in the eyes. “Snowcrystal…”

“I know it sounds hopeless,” she replied. “But I can’t return home…there’s hardly any prey as it is. All of you who are still looking for homes can keep looking, and I’ll follow you, asking pokémon if they know anything. Someone will, I’m just not sure who or where.”

“I…I suppose, but…” Spark began, “if we’re all looking for things in different places, then…”

“Well, I’m not,” Blazefang declared, stepping forward with a look at Snowcrystal. “You may not be my first choice of company, but if there’s a chance I can get rid of Shadowflare, I assume my best bet is to follow you, on the chance you do learn something. I need to find out as well, so the legendaries will be able to do something in order to help me.”

Spark glanced at the others, then said, “I suppose I’ll help you, Snowcrystal. After all…I’ve come to realize…I don’t really want a trainer if it’s not Justin. I’m just as lost as Thunder or Wildflame or Redclaw. I suppose that continuing to look for a new home together would be best.”

“And a lot safer,” Redclaw added, though he still looked uncertain. “If this is really what you want to do, Snowcrystal, then do it if you feel that it’s what is right. And if we don’t find anything…” He paused. “Well, we can always be on the lookout for a new home for your clan as well.”

To her surprise, Snowcrystal didn’t find the remark insulting or disheartening. “All right,” she agreed. “I’ll do that. As long as I’m trying to help.”

Throughout this time, Wildflame had been completely silent. The houndoom did not speak as the group slowly made their way back down the path they had come from. Snowcrystal knew that she was probably still very confused, but she had the chance of a new future now, even if her own clan had rejected her. Soon, she thought, Wildflame would feel hopeful again too.

As they descended the mountain, Snowcrystal felt a new determination rising within her. The quest had not ended. There was still more she had left to discover…more that would help her clan and many other pokémon as well. And now she no longer needed to search for the legendary that had been on her mind almost constantly since the start of her journey.

There was nothing more that Articuno could do.

Now she had to do something.

To be continued...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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