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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix's face almost glowed as he was really happy to find a Lickitung so fast. He looked down at Nancy and said, "Alright girl, this one is yours!"

"Nyah!" answered Nancy as she was honored to be the first one to battle.

"You know which move to use first. Do your best!" cheered Felix.

Nancy nodded and sprung forward towards the Lickitung when suddenly she screamed as if she had just been stabbed. She fell to the ground and began to tremble for a moment just before laying down motionless in the spot.

"Nancy!" shouted Felix apparently in worry, but he remained still as if the shock of the moment had paralized him.

Although it all looked awful, as the Delcatty awaited for the Lickitung to drop its guard before jumping up and striking, Felix was actually thinking, "That's it girl! You are getting better at this. It's a good thing you remembered to always start with a Fake Out."

OOC: Dramatic, no? Never underestimate the power of acting. : P

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