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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

This was turning out to be the strangest kind of battle I’d ever seen. Gengar was total hamming it up, acting like the shy, quiet lady being courted by a comely young man. Her dark purple skin lightened a few shades in a very convincing blush (considering that, having no blood, she shouldn’t be able to do such a thing to begin with), the Ghost carried out her orders to follow up with another Shadow Ball.

Wobbuffet smiled a little as the gooey black ball was formed and released, and he raised his arms…but not to create another Mirror Coat. Instead, moving in the ponderous manner a Wobbuffet has, the Pokemon trundled forward, towards the spiraling orb. He looked like one of those people in a reunion sequence, running towards his beloved with arms wide open in anticipation of sweeping her into his embrace. Unfortunately, he seemed to think the Shadow Ball was some sort of prequel to that embrace, and as such didn’t try to dodge it.

The Shadow Ball, thankfully, wasn’t fired too awfully high. Instead of slamming into the Pokemon’s face or chest, the Shadow Ball hit somewhere mid-stomach and to the left, so it actually caught him between his side and stomach. Still, the Shadow Ball was packing quite a bit of power, and upon collision that power caused a small yet concentrated explosion. The blast wasn’t enough to cause a cave-in or anything, thank goodness, but it was enough to knock poor Wobbufett off his feet. He landed on his left side, looking a bit dazed as his feet kicked weakly at the air.


-Jolly Female Gengar: 65.92%
-? Male Wobbuffet: 31.84% [Attracted]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Bob Miller
Money: 2,000
Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining: 9
Type Repellent (Dark)

Pokemon Stats:
- Jolly Female Gengar (Thunderbolt ; Explosion ; Taunt ; Sludge Bomb ; Will-o-Wisp ; HP Dragon ; Substitute ; Attract ; Psych Up ; Toxic ; Protect ; Energy Ball ; Snatch ; Focus Punch ; Psychic ; Torment ; Counter ; Ice Punch ; Rest ; Giga Drain ; Focus Blast ; Sleep Talk ; Fire Punch ; Skill Swap ; Trick Room ; Icy Wind) <Levitate Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

- Gentle Female Togekiss (Flamethrower ; HP Psychic ; Thunder Wave ; Shadow Ball ; Attract ; Water Pulse ; Protect ; Roost ; Shock Wave ; Psychic ; Grass Knot ; Double Team ; Substitute ; Psych Up ; Fire Blast ; Reflect ; Light Screen ; Toxic ; Nasty Plot ; Psycho Shift ; Counter ; Tri-Attack ; Trick) <Serene Grace Ability>

- Jolly Genderless Bronzong (Trick Room; Charge Beam; Flash Cannon; HP Ground ; Stealth Rock ; Protect ; Grass Knot ; Earthquake ; Explosion ; Calm Mind ; Shadow Ball ; Dream Eater ; Rock Slide ; Rest ; Sleep Talk ; Toxic ; Light Screen ; Reflect ; Rock Tomb ; Psych Up ; Psychic) <Levitate Ability>

Total Items: Type Repellent x3 ; Hyper Ball x4 ; Park Ball x10

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Absol {Encounter 1}
Honchkrow {Encounter 2}
Clefairy {Encounter 3}
Shedinja {Encounter 4}
Unown {Encounter 5}
Wobbuffet {Encounter 6}

Total Captured Pokemon:
Rash Male Absol
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