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Default Re: [SU] Pok้mon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

And yet another person joins the forum because of this RP. Welcome to PE2K Dremare. You're all set, welcome to the RP.

And Esper, you're good to go.


Alec the Larvitar – Played by Shen
Robert the Riolu – Played by Mewcario
Tokisuku the Absol – Played by Darkria
Xin the Espeon – Played by Seliana Ottawa
Syrak the Raichu – Played by Neo Pikachu
Kurigari the Absol – Played by Kimashi
Stevie the Houndour – Played by bamanne
Dhina the Vulpix – Played by FireSong
Ashe, 'Lady Asharas' the Charizard – Played by ID Saraibre Ryu
Reveria the Froslass – Played by Alana Marie
Elian the Plusle – Played by dualismlover
Esper the Espeon – Played by EsperTheEspeon
Mercinus the Abra – Played by Dremare

Incomplete Renegades

Leto the Croagunk – Played by Redmario <INCOMPLETE>
Emit the Porygon 2 – Played by bumblebee16 <INCOMPLETE>
Valair the Mightyena – Played by Gravity <INCOMPLETE>


Cactar the Cacturn – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Blaze the Charizard – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Chris the Arcanine – Played by Arcanine3831
Denovar the Rotom – Played by scalec
Ojiru the Quilava – Played by Larvinator
Umbree the Umbreon – Played by Shy
Kin the Ninetales – Played by ID Saraibre Ryu
Acaneer the Octillery – Played by ID Saraibre Ryu
Alex the Alakazam – Played by Poloke

Incomplete Agents

Maira the Mudkip – Played by Shuricel