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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Ch. 28: Deception up and AWAY!]

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
*stares at Xanthe* You said what about Rye!? O.O *clings*
I said I don't like him much. I'm entitled to an opinion, aren't I? ;-;

Originally Posted by Guard13007 View Post
You like Darkrai? *shudders and stares in shock*
xD Yeah, he's cool! I dunno... But I don't like Deoxys. So that's one thing. :3

Originally Posted by Lunar Latias View Post
Playing off emotions and torturing my characters is what I do best. XD

*blinks* Xanthe...I'm way older than you.*pulls out shattered cane* xD May says I'm like 100 lol.

Wait. How is Darkrai fair? He FRIGGIN TORTURED RYE? O.o Is THAT fair? Okay, I missing something? xD

A-and...I don't want to be more evil! ;~; If you call that no torture, there is seriously something wrong with your mentality.

xD Well, maybe you are! -WE'LL NEVER KNOW- a way, like, how he's teaching Rye to control his dark side and stuff... :3 And yep! ^v^ You can't guilt trip me. xD And maybe! That's funny though...'cause you wrote it. xD

Gem...that was rude. Don't say things like that. >.>

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