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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Mizuiro

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Mizuiro is silent, not much of a people person and an all around serious type. He likes to be with his Pokemon and is loyal to his pokemon and friends. He doesn't like to fight all that much, but he will use the appropriate force when necessary. He is good at thinking on his feet, and can get out of most any trouble.

Description: Mizuiro stands at six feet tall and weighs in at around one hundred ninety pounds. He is bald and has a crescent moon shaped scar starting at his left temple running down to the bottom of his chin. His eyes are a piercing light blue and his facial features are very sharp. He is strong, but doesn’t look it. Mizuiro wears a long black trench coat that has a ton of pockets on the inside of the coat, that holds numerous small objects that he caries around everything from pocket knifes to pokeballs. he wears a blue polo shirt and white khaki pants. He normally wears flip-flop sandals.

Pokemon Captured: N/A

Pokemon Natures: Sky(Scizor/Male/Serious), Flame(Magmortar/Male/Modest), Laura(Lapras/Female/Jolly), Blarg(Elevtivire/Male/Q)uirky

Park Items: none atm :(

sorry, personalities are my downfall in su's...

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