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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix was simply happy to be there near the Woods. He was staring at the scenery, trying to see if he could spot the top of the trees while daydreaming about the possible Pokemon he was about to encounter. Next to him was Nancy, his trusty Delcatty. He never seemed to travel without her anywhere. She was doing exactly what her trainer was, looking at the top of the trees when suddenly they noticed a Salamence arrive.

With the Salamence, they saw Ranger Sara and listened to her. Felix walked towards her after she introduced herself and accepted her handshake with a smile while Nancy walked up to Uorkei and raised her front right paw to say hi.

"Nyah!" said Nancy as she smiled.

"Nice to meet you Sarah. I can't wait to see what Pokemon await us in there," said Felix as he shook her hand then turned towards the Woods.

Felix walked towards the woods and stopped right next to the first tree he found with his Delcatty walking right next to him. He looked inside his back pack, took out a poison repellant and placed it around his neck.

They both looked back at the same time as Felix said, "Shall we?"

OOC: Yeah, Felix and Nancy will tend to mirror each other. They both have the same nature. : P
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